Welcome to Freeside.

Open-source billing, CRM, trouble ticketing, network monitoring and provisioning

for ISPs and WISPs, VoIP providers, CLECs, colocation and hosting providers and online businesses

We're hiring for sysadmin/devops/support positions.

Implementation services

All implementation services include:

  • Installation and configuration the Freeside billing software, including the integrated ticketing and network monitoring
  • Installation and skinning of the customer signup and self-service portal
  • Integration with your credit card and/or E-check processor
  • For ISPs, server provisioning for RADIUS accounts, mailboxes, etc.
  • For VoIP providers, import of rate tables and CDRs, and switch provisioning for phone numbers and PBX tenants
  • Remote training session
  • Support through bringing the software live and into production
  • One year (12 months) of email, phone and IM support.

Basic implementation service - $3900
Installation, configuration, training and one year of support.

Standard implementation service - $6400
As basic, plus 20 hours of customizations.

Deluxe implementation package - $7900
As basic, plus 40 hours of customizations, or a three day on-site visit for training and live cutover.

Looking for these implementation services including hardware? See our products.

Additional implementation services

Installation of FreeRADIUS server with MySQL or PostgreSQL backend - $900
This service include complete installation, configuration, and integration of the advanced, open-source FreeRADIUS RADIUS server, as well as migration from your previous RADIUS configuration.

Legacy data import from BillMax, Platypus or Rodopi - (est.) $3900
Legacy data import from any other system - (est.) $4900
Service includes writing custom import scripts to migrate your legacy data, refind by test billing runs concurrently with your live billing to ensure trouble-free cut-over. (As an alternative to this service for smaller customer bases, Freeside's web interface can import customers, packages and services from uploaded Excel or CSV files.)

Support Contracts

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Emerald
Basic maintenance only Standard support Most popular support level Large customizations Extensive customizations Dedicated developer
Monthly cost $195 $395 $800 $1600 $3200 $6400
Upgrades (OS, database and Freeside)
CardFortress offsite credit card storage
(for PCI compliance)
optional optional optional optional optional optional
Email support
Phone and IM support
(9am-8pm Eastern / 6am-5pm Pacific)
Support for advanced features (e.g. VoIP/CDR billing, commissions, multiple companies)
24/7 emergency support
Private mailing list for large providers
Customization hours per month
(with "rollover" for unused time)
2½ hours 8 hours 20 hours 48 hours 100 hours
Direct access to all developers and staff
Lead role in defining product roadmap
Dedicated senior developer
Discount on additional work
(consulting or customizations)
10% 15% 25% 30% 40% 50%


All hosting services include:

  • Fully-managed (OS, database, application, security updates)
  • Hosting in PCI level 1 compliant data centers (the same ones used for CardFortress)
  • Streaming replication to geographically-diverse warm spare
  • Separate daily backups

Basic hosting - $95/month
4GB RAM, two CPU cores

Standard hosting - $195/month
8GB RAM, two CPU cores

Deluxe hosting - $395/month
16GB RAM, four CPU cores

Additional support services

Address normalization - $0.05/lookup (more than 1000 lookups/month? contact us for pricing)
Address verification and normalization for US addresses.

Invoice printing and mailing - $1/invoice (B&W) or $1.20/invoice (color) (more than 1000 invoices/month? contact us for pricing)
Professional invoice printing and mailing. One low per-invoice price includes everything: printing with your logo, envelope, US first-class postage, and a perforated coupon and return envelope for payments.

High Availability / Replication - $395/month
This add-on support service supports High Availability configurations. It includes support for streaming replication, hot standby and failover, as well as 24/7 proactive failover monitoring.

LRN lookup for US voice providers - $0.0002/lookup (more than 500,000 calls/month? contact us for pricing)
Access to the LNP (local number portability) database ensures accurate rating when not charging a single flat per-minute rate for all US calls. It also allows an actual determination of interstate vs. intrastate revenue, potentially reducing taxes owed compared to using the FCC safe harbor percentage.


One day on-site training - $2450
Half-day course for your sales and support representatives; time spent as-needed with system administrators and bookkeeper/collections folks.

Three day on-site visit (two days training, one day live cutover) - $3900
Typical training sessions consist of a half-day course for your system administrators, a half-day course for your bookkeeper/collections folks, and a full day course (or two half-day courses) for your sales and support representatives.

One week on-site visit (four days training, one day live cutover) - $5400
Typical training sessions consist of a day course for your system administrators, a day course for your bookkeeper/collections folks, and two full day courses for your sales and support representatives.


Customizations and extensions to the software can be quoted on an individual basis. Is Freeside missing a feature crucial to you? Contact us to discuss your needs.

For orders, a quotation or more information, contact sales@freeside.biz or phone +1 415 462 1624