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Open-source billing, CRM, trouble ticketing, network monitoring and provisioning

for ISPs and WISPs, VoIP providers, CLECs, colocation and hosting providers and online businesses

We're hiring for sysadmin/devops/support positions.
We're hiring!

Sysadmin / Devops / Account Manager / Technical support

Position: Sysadmin / Devops / Account Manager / Technical support
Terms: contract/1099 (contract-to-hire?), telecommute, full time or mostly so
Job Description: Handle customer support by email, phone and IM. Triage support requests, answer calls, write documentation. Coordinate and roll out upgrades. Linux/*nix system administration in support of the application. Work with customers and programmers on feature specifications. Give feedback about the application to developers based on customer support trends. Be proactive and figure out new ways in which you can help our customers and your busy co-workers at a small, open-source company.
Location: United States (SS# or Tax ID, etc.)
To apply: email ivan-supportjob at freeside.biz

Director of support

Position:Director of support
Terms: contract/1099 or W-2, telecommute, full time
Job Description: We're looking for someone to head up our support department. Job duties include Linux sysadmin/devops, hiring and supervising support engineers, account management, specification and feature design, release engineering, writing documentation.
Location: United States (Social Security or Tax ID #)
To apply: Email ivan-supportjob at freeside.biz