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  • Use AJAX buzzwordy stuff where it makes sense to provide a better interface (quick payment entry is a good example - I hope, anyway!), however don't make it an isolated "desktop app in the browser" sort of experience that loses the usability people expect from web pages. things like the back button and bookmarking / passing URLs to other employees should still work.
  • "proper" current-century HTML/CSS/etc. No need to get overly religious on the "no tables only css" zealotry or anything.
  • People should be able to "skin" the app by editing CSS (or providing a supplimentary file).

some random historical notes from a previous designer

UI notes thoughts on changes: Mock ups can be seen here http://www.shinza.org/clients/freeside/software/view

/Main Billing

1. Can there be one search button that willautomatically understand what the customer is wanting to search from what the entered in the data fields?
2. is the Example Co, suppose to be the same company that is branded with the logo. The client.. or is it a client of theirs? If it's the same company as the logo I'm not sure it needs to be there. It's already branded as their own.

/Ticketing Main:

1. Ticketing main does not work on my end. Not Found. The requested URL /freeside/rt/ was not found on this server.
2. New customer, just says select agent.. is it suppose to have more?


1. The right side of that colum really takes up more room then i think it needs. Can it be just the sections..such as hom (then have a pop up window explaing what that setting is for), then it will leave more room on a monitor for Required configuration options. Which on my computer doesn't stretch well currently and the menu bar doesn't line up well at all with the extra wide content.
2. Are you totally against the use of frames for content that is so long? Or perhaps a floating javascript menu for ( [Required] [Billing] [Username] [Password] [UI] [Session] [Shell] [BIND] [Unclassified] [Deprecated] ) menu?