37 hours ago Jeremy DavisTicket 31993 different trans codes for business and... FREESIDE_3_BRANCH github/FREESIDE_3_BRANCH
38 hours ago Jeremy DavisTicket 29048 3CX CDR format changes
46 hours ago Ivan Kohlerfix time in payment and credit back-dating, RT#32320
47 hours ago Ivan Kohlerfix "too much recursion" calendar javascript error
2 days ago Jeremy DavisDebian packages 2916 missing texmf
2 days ago Jeremy DavisTicket #32481 fix display options in wholesale package
5 days ago Ivan Kohlersimple bulk provisioning of phone number ranges, RT...
5 days ago Ivan Kohlercosts for one-time charges, RT#31429
5 days ago Ivan Kohleragent wholesale bulk billing: option to use cost only...
5 days ago Ivan Kohleroption to separate customer and package display, RT...
5 days ago Ivan Kohlerfix agent bulk billing with quantities, RT#31610
5 days ago Mark Wellsuse the mysql equivalent of array_to_string, #32548
5 days ago Ivan Kohlerproper fix for signupdate_age that works in customer...
7 days ago Ivan Kohlerremove debugging (tax-exempt numbers during signup...
7 days ago Ivan Kohlertax-exempt numbers during signup, RT#32299
7 days ago Ivan Kohleragent-ize invoice_default_terms, RT#32513
8 days ago Jeremy Davis#32572 ssmtp dependacy in debian pacakges
8 days ago Mark WellsHold off on tax report change until I'm sure.
8 days ago Mark Wellstax report: deduct credits from taxable amount, #27698
8 days ago Mark Wellstemp typo fix
8 days ago Ivan Kohleradd condition on signupdate age, RT#31213
8 days ago Ivan Kohlerdisable agent types, RT#31446
8 days ago Ivan Kohlerbackdate credits, RT#32320
8 days ago Jeremy Davis3.6git
8 days ago Jeremy Davis3.5 Release
9 days ago Mark Wellstrivial fix to discount report
9 days ago Mark Wellsshow discounts on invoices as negative line items,...
9 days ago Mark Wellsfix problems with tax detail searches, #27698
11 days ago Mark Wellsavoid double-counting package-classed fees on the sales...
11 days ago Mark Wellsslightly more cautious fix for sorting the reason selec...
11 days ago Mark Wellsfix stupid compile error
12 days ago Mark Wells477 report: detect errors and fix them more easily...
12 days ago Mark Wellscorrectly sort reason selectors and enforce ACLs, ...
12 days ago Ivan Kohlerfix broadsoft CDR regex
12 days ago Ivan Kohlerfix invoice viewing
12 days ago Jeremy DavisFix incorrectly uploaded code for vss 32382
13 days ago Mark Wellsfix census tract format, #32499, etc.
13 days ago Ivan Kohlereliminiate spurious warnings: Argument "" isn't numeric...
13 days ago Ivan Kohlercontact reports
13 days ago Ivan Kohlerfix invoice sorting by package category, RT#31272
13 days ago Jeremy DavisTicket #32088 Thinktel integration
2014-12-03 Jeremy DavisTicket #31495 Earthlink CDR
2014-12-03 Mark Wellsfix censustract lookup for new FFIEC interface, #32459
2014-12-02 Mark Wellswhen address standardization returns a censustract...
2014-11-28 Jeremy DavisTicket 29048 add accountcodes to cx3 format
2014-11-27 Jeremy DavisTicket #32382 Vss format fixes
2014-11-27 Jeremy DavisTicket #31679 RBC custnum fix
2014-11-30 Mark Wellsfix editing of events that have reasons, from #31702
2014-11-30 Mark Wellssales commission events on invoices, #25847
2014-11-28 Mark Wellssvc_circuit, #23879, #25933, #30830
2014-11-27 Mark Wellsdon't look up or display census tracts for non-U.S...
2014-11-26 Mark WellsThinktel CDR format and download script, #32088
2014-11-26 Mark Wellsoption to credit unused time on suspension as part...
2014-11-25 Jeremy DavisDebian packages
2014-11-24 Jeremy DavisTicket #32230 Message templates not displaying in send...
2014-11-24 Jeremy DavisTicket #32230 Message templates not displaying in send...
2014-11-24 Jeremy DavisTicket #32336 Unit prices not showing on quotations
2014-11-24 Jeremy Davis#32332 allow recurring packages to be removed from...
2014-11-22 Mark Wellsfix several UI nits in FCC 477 report configuration...
2014-11-21 Jeremy DavisTicket #32285 Password reset login link not skinned
2014-11-21 Jeremy DavisTicket #32237 Purchase additional package is not comple...
2014-11-21 Mark Wellsalso unhide support time on transactions, #30921
2014-11-20 Jeremy DavisTicket #2916 Debian packages
2014-11-20 Mark Wellsallow old "support time" custom field to be viewed...
2014-11-19 Jeremy DavisTicket #2916 Debian packages
2014-11-19 Jeremy DavisTicket #2916 Debian packages
2014-11-19 Ivan Kohleroption for residential-only requirement for individual...
2014-11-19 Ivan Kohlerfix per-agent portal branding on logout, RT#32139
2014-11-19 Ivan Kohlerfix time queue redirection after #30921
2014-11-19 Ivan Kohlerfix contact self-service disabled on edit (and some...
2014-11-18 Ivan Kohleromit customers you don't have access to on the recent...
2014-11-18 Jeremy DavisTicket #2916 Debian packages
2014-11-18 Ivan Kohleroptimize history search (invoice rending time for svc_...
2014-11-18 Jeremy DavisTicket 2916 Debian packages
2014-11-18 Jeremy DavisTicket 2916 Debian packages
2014-11-17 Jeremy Davis Ticket #2916 Debian Packages
2014-11-17 Jeremy Davis Ticket #2916 Debian Packages
2014-11-17 Jeremy DavisTicket #31790 phone_shellcommands shell quote phone_name
2014-11-17 Jeremy DavisTicket #29048 3cx cdr changes
2014-11-17 Mark Wellsfix discounts in general, #31273
2014-11-17 Mark Wellsfix discounts on one-time charges, #28956
2014-11-17 Mark Wellsavoid showing discounts redundantly on invoices, #31273
2014-11-15 Mark Wellshide usage in selfservice the right way, #30363
2014-11-14 Mark Wellsshow active discounts on invoices more cleanly, #31273
2014-11-14 Jeremy DavisTicket #32164 Reset password link not branded in portal
2014-11-13 Ivan Kohlertyop
2014-11-13 Jeremy DavisTicket #31847 CIBC batch format
2014-11-13 Jeremy DavisTicket 31993 Changes to EFT Canada format
2014-11-13 Ivan Kohleradd option to credit customer sales person if there...
2014-11-13 Ivan Kohleradd svc_domain.quota, RT#30832
2014-11-13 Jeremy DavisTicket #31129 Correct Aradial suspends
2014-11-13 Mark Wellscustomer churn report, #30132
2014-11-07 Jeremy DavisTicket #31999 Fix issues with ordering of debian packag...
2014-11-07 Ivan Kohlerdelete packages from quotations, RT#30313
2014-11-07 Mark Wellsclean up existing packages when changing supplemental...
2014-11-06 Ivan Kohleragent-virtualize quotation logos, RT#31135
2014-11-06 Mark Wellssales tax report: detail link and better accuracy for...
2014-11-04 Mark Wellsdebug
2014-11-04 Mark Wellsbring new tax liability report to 3.x, #25935, #26589...
2014-11-04 Jeremy DavisTicket #29048 3cx cdr format